Scraper bridges (clarifiers) Our expertise in sedimentation has produced an extensive range of clarifiers inclusive of, half bridge and three quarter bridge types. Scraper bridges are suitable for diameters up to 45m.Find out more >

Copa Raked Bar Screen

Copa® Raked Bar Screen Equally suited to new and existing Combined Sewer Overflow chambers where high frequency spills can be expected.Find out more >

Jacopa Spiral Screen

Jacopa® Spiral Screen For the removal of fine solids, shaftless spiral design elevates the collected screenings from the effluent flow.Find out more >

Mobile Systems

Mobile Systems Our wide range of mobile wastewater treatment plant solutions provide flexible, simple options which can be rapidly introduced and are easy to maintain.Find out more >


MBR Jacopa works with customers to deliver the right MBR technology to meet the needs of your individual wastewater treatment challenge.