SAF (Submerged Aerated Filter)

Jacopa’s® Copa® SAF has a proven performance record, supported by almost twenty years of development and many installations throughout the worldwide wastewater industry.
The Copa® SAF has an immediate effect on BOD reduction, and the system can be 100% effective within four weeks of start-up.

Copa® SAF is a fixed film biological treatment unit, capable of treating municipal and industrial wastewaters. Also available for hire, they can be applied to a wide range of treatment applications: roughing, BOD/ammonia removal.

Population Equivalent range 100 – 3000
Effluent Quality 15 mg/l BOD: 25mg/l SS:
4mg/l NH4 (95%ile)
Material 304 or 316L SS
Start-up (optimum performance) Generally within 4 weeks (in moderate environmental conditions)
Installation Above or below ground