The village of Hanwell, 3km north of Banbury, has apopulation of around 230. Thames Water contacted Jacopa, which supplied the original CB300 SAF unit, to service and refurbish the existing asset and look at its overall efficiency and performance.

Jacopa identified that the existing aeration blowers were not operating correctly, and as a result the old plastic media had become blocked.

Thames Water appointed Jacopa as principal contractor, and the company carried out a full media replacement at the client’s request. During the contract, all old media and scrap components were removed from site, and new aeration diffusers were fitted along with new IE2 blowers, which were rewired to operate on a duty/assist basis.

The SAF was also fitted with a new manifold and pipework, as well as a new pressure gauge. The SAF unit was then fully commissioned and the airflow pattern was checked to ensure it was operating at its maximum efficiency and achieving its consents. While the SAF was being refurbished, Jacopa provided a temporary unit to ensure that the discharges continued to meet the site’s consents.

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