INLET WORKS Jacopa’s acclaimed inlet works equipment is designed by experts with outstanding experience based on many years of installation and operational know-how. Our extensive range of inlet works solutions means we can offer a ‘one stop shop’ for our customers, including Individual Coarse Screens, Individual Fine Screens, Screenings Handling, Packaged Inlet Works Screens, Grit Removal & Treatment Systems and Packaged Grit Plant.
Our experts’ deep understanding of the features and specifications of our inlet works equipment means we can guarantee that each item will meet or beat customer requirements over its anticipated design life. We also aim to deliver on time, every time, thanks to our investment in standardisation.
We work hard to combine our outstanding focus on safety and reliability with highly-competitive inlet works equipment and solutions that we constantly evaluate to ensure our customers get the best possible value and outstanding return on their project or service and maintenance investment.

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