Jacopa® offers a wide range of “plug and play” mobile wastewater treatment plant solutions that provide flexible, simple options which can be rapidly introduced, are easy to maintain and need minimal operator input.

These deployable wastewater treatment systems can be used for military fi eld operations, aid relief and construction sites, where users often need to ensure their environmental impact is minimal. Compact, mobile wastewater treatment solutions are also ideal for utilities’ smaller, remote sites and situations where there is a need to urgently add extra, temporary treatment to meet consents. Our experts can advise on which of our rugged, ready-to-use systems is best suited to your site. Some solutions are supplied in standard ISO containers for ease of transport – those that are not containerised incorporate lifting points for easy loading and offloading from flat-bed transporters, and are designed to fit into standard military aircraft.


pdf Jacopa Containerised MBR Technical Specification
pdfView Case Studies: SAF, Mobile Systems

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