Jacopa is known across the wastewater industry for its sustainable, effective and reliable tertiary wastewater treatment solutions and its innovative water reuse technology.

Our tertiary SAF is simple to operate, needs minimal maintenance and is exceptionally flexible and versatile, providing outstanding effluent quality. The solution can be used for both permanent and temporary schemes, above and below-ground installations, and for municipal and industrial use.

Our experienced engineers tailor SAF plants from our standardised range to meet customer specifications, incorporating any site-specific modification required.

The company also offers the potential for water reuse through its advanced membrane bioreactor (MBR) solution, which can reduce COD and nutrient levels far below those achieved by conventional biological treatment or retrofitted Ultra Filtration alone. MBR can also be used as a primary stage within a hybrid MBR/RO system for potential potable water reuse, or can provide highly treated water for agricultural or horticultural irrigation.