Jacopa® High Solids Spiral Screen

The Jacopa High Solids Loading Spiral screening equipment is used for the removal of fine solids with a significant solids loading. The screen utilises a U Trough and a discharge section of considerable size. A greatly reinforced shaftless spiral elevates the collected screenings up & out of the effluent flow. This screen is generally used for treating flows of up to 275 l/s with a 6mm 2D filter basket.


Maximum capacity Up to 305 l/s (Ø10mm)
Screen aperture (mm) 3 to 10 mm in 2 direction
Screen mounting angle 35° to 45°
Washwater supply 5 bar
Options Tank Mounted/Wedge Wire (0.25 to 3.0mm)
Material Body 304L or 316L St St
pdf Jacopa® High Solids Spiral Screen Technical Specification

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