COPACURVE™ Cross Wave Screen

The COPACURVE™ cross wave screen can be fabricated to fit a variety of combined sewer overflow (CSO) chambers. The Copacurve technology provides screening to 6mm in two dimensions. Its unique wave design increases the overall surface area, and longevity of operation as a static screen.

Curve profile 150mm or 300mm
Perforation (mm) 6mm 2 directions
Screen Capacity <75 (Litre/sec/m²) Unsettled Sewage
<150 (Litre/sec/m²) Settled Sewage
Headloss (mm) Nominal 100
Cleaning Backwash options available
Material 304L Stainless Steel or 316L
Stainless Steel
pdf Jacopa COPACURVE Cross Wave Screen Technical Specification
White Papers
pdfCombined Sewer Overflows – Better by Design – Water and Waste Treatment Magazine (2mb)

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