Operators are seeking ways to optimise the total expenditure (totex) value of their equipment, and wastewater treatment equipment refurbishment offers a fast, effective route to achieving this goal.

Refurbishment is good both for the bottom line and the environment, generating a much smaller carbon footprint than new build, as well as significantly lower costs.

Jacopa’s experts are able to refurbish both the company’s own and other supplier equipment and plant, to ensure that clients gain the optimum return on their expenditure and maintain the productivity of their critical assets.

The Jacopa wastewater treatment equipment refurbishment service involves all departments to ensure asset condition is established, customer requirements determined, and the design, specification and assembly history of the plant or equipment is researched before the ultimate execution of the project.

Jacopa works in close partnership with customers to achieve their aims, and has recently undertaken a number of significant and successful refurbishment projects.