January 29th 2019


Stakeholders from across the industry are gathering today at the seventh annual WWT Wastewater Conference & Exhibition.

The event is a comprehensive showcase of case studies, thought leadership, and innovative strategies designed to tackle all the current and future wastewater challenges in one place. So unsurprisingly, wastewater technology and services experts Jacopa are there in force to present the company’s latest technology, ideas and innovations to tackle current and future wastewater treatment challenges.

Jacopa Managing Director, Alex Lloyd said, “The event is an ideal showcase for our industry leading solutions for the wastewater sector. Among many exciting new products we are presenting this year are the renowned Steinhardt range of flood and process protection products and our Fluidyne Cloth filters which are an ideal solution for phosphorus removal in wastewater treatment works. A further new addition to our portfolio is the Sobye self-cleaning belt filter, which is an automatic, compact solution for primary treatment to replace settlement tanks. Together these innovative new products and our established lines are setting the trend for the industry to enhance asset resilience, mitigate risk and drive efficiencies.”

Jacopa Wastewater 2019Pictured left to right are, Technical Sales Manager, Tony Simister and Key Account Manager’s, James Niebel and Mick Burton.

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