August 20th 2019


Jacopa has been delighted to host a regional meeting for the Engineering Construction Industry Training Board (ECITB) for Wales, West, Midlands and East England. Working closely with the ECITB Jacopa is able to ensure that its employees receive the highest quality training to develop a knowledgeable, skilled and competent workforce to deliver its products and services to the professional standards required by water industry customers.

The ECITB works with employers to drive up skill levels and fund training to give the engineering construction industry workforce including the wastewater treatment sector the skills to meet the challenges of the future. As a UK Government arms-length body the organisation reports to the Department for Education and works with employers and training providers to attract, develop and qualify the engineering construction workforce in a wide range of craft, technical and professional disciplines.

Jacopa have previously achieved a highly creditable mention in the ECITB prestigious training and development awards placing them among the organisation’s ‘brightest and best’ members. Jacopa’s Managing Director said, “On-going commitment to learning and development in the pursuit of excellence is a vital part of what we stand for and offer to our clients. We enthusiastically embrace our partnership with the ECITB which has paid real dividends both for us as a company and for all the people who work within it”.

JACOPA SKILL LEVELS UP EVEN MORE WITH ECITBJacopa’s Managing Director Alex Lloyd and QHSE Manager Tony Hinton with the helpful members of the ECITB for Wales, West, Midlands and East England


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