April 3rd 2018


Membrane Bioreactor (MBR) systems are currently the best technology available to meet stringent treated effluent standards in wastewater treatment and reuse applications and where small footprint dictates using a more intense and compact process. Jacopa works with customers to deliver the MBR technology that will meet the needs of each wastewater treatment requirement or problem.

Over many years Jacopa has proved its leadership in the MBR arena. Jacopa is able to provide new plants, with the capability to containerise if needed, extend and refurbish existing plants, upgrade existing plants and also to provide replacement membrane panels with expert technical support as required.

Many abattoirs, meat processors and butcheries produce wastewater with high levels of fats, solids, BOD and COD. The high cost of disposal of such effluent has driven the meat processing industry to seek more economical on-site wastewater treatment.

Coupled to the pressure to increase capacity without generating a larger treatment footprint, the Jacopa high performance MBR is the cost-effective solution, the small footprint reduces building costs and the low maintenance plant often replaces existing conventional sedimentation and tertiary filtration systems.

The Jacopa MBR economically delivers high quality treated effluent to meet and often exceed discharge standards with opportunities for water re-use for applications such as wash down of animal sheds and vehicles.



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