Jones & Attwood Hi-Flow Screen

This highly efficient and popular band screen provides outstanding performance that outstrips all its rivals. The Hi-Flow™  offers a remarkable 81.2% Screen Capture Ratio (SCR) efficiency in a single pass when screening at 6mm perforation with no carryover.

The Hi-Flow™ screen is available with apertures of 2, 3, 5 or 6mm, and in a range of lengths to ensure each screen can be flexibly designed to meet client requirements.

Single machine capacities are up to 3000 litres/sec, and the robust stainless-steel construction guarantees long life. The vertical lift configuration ensures these screens are ideal for sites where a compact footprint is required.

The double screening area enables higher flow rates and reduced head loss, so existing channel requirements can be accommodated.

The screen inlet diverter plates can be designed to take overflows that exceed design limits or to operate in cases of an emergency. The screens back plate can also include an opening that acts as an emergency bypass overflow.

Other features include:

  • A built-in bypass
  • Flows from 10 litres/sec to 3000 litres/sec
  • Channel/chamber widths from 0.6m to 4m
  • Stainless steel lifting pin and drive pins
  • Top support sprockets directly drive the screen band
  • Externally mounted gear motor provides direct drive to wheels
  • Wash Water can be applied by spray jetting or the gravity deluge method
  • The wash water for the screens can be screened effluent (or better)
  • Low-pressure cleaning
  • Rotating brush in the top part of the screen cleans debris from the screen face in combination with the washwater requirements
  • Hi-Flow™ screens can be installed in steel tanks or built into a steel structures.
  • Single pass screening, with No screenings carry-over
  • All stainless steel designs
  • Minimal head losses with double side screen area.
  • Integrates with screenings washing and compaction
  • A range of screen panel lengths allow for tailored individual requirements.
  • J+A Hi-Flow™ screen is tailored to meet individual requirements.
  • 92% SCR when the apertures are 3mm
  • Hi-Flow™ and Lo-Flow™ designs available (The Lo-Flow™ screen is the ‘mini’ version of the Hi-Flow™ screen suitable for flow rates from 0 to 120 l/sec, and designed specifically for smaller works)

Jones & Attwood Hi-Flow™ Screen

Jones & Attwood Hi-Flow™ Screen


Jones & Attwood Hi-Flow™ Screen


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