May 5th 2020


Jacopa’s Parts and Service Manager Neil Sandell has made his own creative tribute to the NHS in his spare time, fabricating a ‘thank you’ sign for his own GP surgery and giving away more for local children to take away and paint up as their own ‘thank you’ messages.

He explains: ‘I created a full-size sign and painted it – that was given away to a lady that works in a local GP surgery to cheer up the staff who have worked very hard over recent weeks.’

‘With my CNC [computer numerical control] design in place it was a fairly simple matter of making three smaller designs and cutting them from MDF. The results were simply and safely sealed and left blank for any local children to take away free of charge and paint, after which they could either keep them for themselves or maybe give them to someone they know working hard within the NHS.’

Given the difficult time many people are experiencing financially, Neil didn’t charge for the design but, if asked, he recommended that people give what they could to his chosen charity, Captain Tom Moore’s JustGiving fundraiser for the NHS.

Neil’s NHS tributes were purely for local people, so nobody had to make an unnecessary journey to pick one up, he stresses. ‘There are a lot of children living nearby and many go for family walks every day straight past my house. People communicated with me through Messenger and collected them from my porch, observing social distancing rules.’

Neil gave away about 20 signs over the weekend. Jacopa Managing Director Alex Lloyd says: ‘We’re all very proud of Neil’s efforts: at a difficult time, we are all looking to find ways to contribute and this is a typically generous gesture from one of our fantastic employees.’

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