March 17th 2020


Jacopa has implemented its Business Continuity Plan in response to the COVID-19 threat and anticipation of further UK government measures that impact the supply of goods and services to its customers.

Jacopa’s objective is firstly to fully support employees to ensure the risks of transmission of the virus are minimised by fully complying with UK government measures. Following on, to then operate the business under its Business Continuity Plan, taking account of the well-being of employees and all others in the supply chain, while maintaining its business to deliver goods and services in the exceptional circumstances facing all businesses.

A clear condition and constraint of operating the business is to take measures for ‘everyone to stop non-essential contact with others and to stop all unnecessary travel’.

Jacopa has set up its Coordination Team to ensure all planning is reviewed and fully implemented, with continuous monitoring of the impacts of current and new UK government measures on employees and business continuity.

Jacopa is able to operate effectively with a large proportion of its workforce working at home in accordance with UK government direction, using the investments made by the company in its leading Information Technologies and Information Systems that are fully accessible to employees working from remote locations. The front line workforce, such as service engineers, installation teams and factory and warehouse employees, are subject to working arrangements covered by specific contingency plans, to ensure as far as is practicable continuity of service, while considering their well-being and UK government measures.

The contingency plans in place mean that any customer, supplier or other partner will be able to communicate with their normal Jacopa contact or a covering person during the period of disruption. As the situation with COVID-19 develops further, updates will be provided on how these impact Jacopa and the goods and services provided to customers.

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